The Best Cornea Conference of the Year


March 13 - 15, 2015


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Featured Faculty:

Amar Agarwal, MD - Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD - Univserity of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Perry Binder, MD - Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute, Sand Diego, CA, USA
Deepinder Dhaliwal, MD - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Kendall Donaldson,  MD - Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, FL, USA

C. Stephen Foster, MD - Massachusetts Eye Research & Surgery Institution, Cambridge, MA, USA
Mitchell A. Jackson, MD - Founder/Director, Jacksoneye, Lake Villa, IL, USA
Kenneth Kenyon, MD - New England Eye Center, Boston, MA, USA
Christopher Rapuano, MD - Wills Eye Instititue Philadelphia, PA, USA
David Rootman, MD - TLC Laser Eye Center, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Jerry Shields, MD - Wills Eye Institute, Philadelphia, PA, USA
William B. Trattler, MD - Center for Excellent in Eye Care, Miami, FL, USA
Scheffer Tseng, MD - Ocular Surface Center, Miami, FL, USA
Ming Wang, MD, PhD - Wang Visin Cataract and LASIK Center, Nashville, TN, USA
John Wittpenn, MD - Island Eye SurgiCenter, Long Island, NY, USA



Mission Statement: 

The purpose of Advanced Cornea Conference Continuing Medical Education (CME) program is to present general ophthalmologists and cornea specialists with an all comprehensive, highest quality learning experience in the domain of medical and surgical cornea in a “one-stop” approach that transforms and elevates the clinician’s competence in the management of corneal diseases and thus be able to provide the best possible cornea care that will ultimately provide the optimal vision for a better way of life for their patients.


Program Description:

Advanced Cornea Conference (ACC) is a 3-day symposium that is focused to provide a comprehensive cornea learning experience, both in medical and surgical corneal arenas, that also encompasses the ocular surface and anterior segment of the eye. The general ophthalmologists and cornea specialists will accelerate and augment their ability to diagnose and manage both the common diseases and also the complicated issues relating to the cornea. Global and national cornea experts will cover the vast areas of corneal diseases in a very comprehensive, time-sensitive, and easy to learn format. The attendee transformative impact of this symposium is expected to be visible in the daily clinical practice, post-symposium. Corneal and anterior segment surgical techniques have recently exploded in the corneal horizon, including but not limited to Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK) corneal transplantation, corneal cross-linking, and new applications of amniotic membrane transplantation including management of conjunctivochalasis, artificial cornea, trauma management, anterior segment reconstruction, and stem cell transplantation. In the recent past, anterior segment imaging and diagnostic technologies have advanced at such a rapid pace, that busy ophthalmologists are seldom able to keep up on their own. This all-inclusive cornea symposium will provide an essential component of an eye care physician’s continuing medical education. This educational exercise aims to close existing knowledge gaps and maximize learning gain for the practicing ophthalmologists and cornea specialists.


Program Chair:

Thomas John, MD - Chicago, IL